Title : Accidents and Traumatic in Emergency and Accident Department during 1995-1999 , Health Science Center Burapha University.

Author : Mrs.Wethaka Klinwichit : Health Science Center,Burapha University

Year : 2001

Subject : Health Science

Key Words : Accident ,Trauma , Emergency



This research was retrospective study. The purpose of this study was to investigate the accidental and traumatic servicing at accident and emergency department of health science center ,Burapha university during 1995-1999. The samples were 1,214 patient’s recording by simple random sampling .The tool used were the pattern of recording status and reasons why were health serviced. Statistics employed were percentage and mean.

It was found that :

1. Male had accidents more than female. Top three range of age were serviced patients who had accidents were  (1) Adult ,(2) Teenager and (3) Middle age and the most range of time serviced accidents was 8.00 am-4.30 pm.

2. The top three reasons of accidents that patients had accidents and trauma were (1) Traffic accidents ,(2) Shaft and non shaft tools injury and (3) Fall and bump or trapped objects.

Title : Risk identification of outpatient dispensing service at Burapha University’s Hospital

Field : Medical Science (Pharmacy)

Statistic Method : Descriptive

Researcher : Jongjit Ariyaprayoon

Year : 2001


The purpose of this research was to identify risk of medication errors in outpatient pharmacy service of Burapha University’s Hospital. All the dispensing processes were monitored for any medication errors during the office hours ,        (8 a.m. – 4 p.m.) from August 7 – 11, 2000. In addition, survey of opinion on the cause of medication errors was conducted by sending questionnaires to 11 outpatient pharmacy personnel.

Examination from 1,003 prescriptions showed that medication errors were 3.15% (59 items out of 1,870 items). Medication errors of each dispensing process were identified as pricing / labeling 0.75 % (14 items), drug filling 1.66 %   (31 items), checking 0.69 % (13 items) and dispensing 0.05 % (1 item). Opinion survey of outpatient pharmacy personnel has shown that medication errors were results from doctor’s handwriting (96.46 %), computer system (83.33 %), and incomplete prescriptions (69.70 %).

Results from this study could be used as a guide for the improvement of work process in outpatient pharmacy service of Burapha University’s Hospital.


Title: Pre- operative visit by perioperative nurse on anxiety and satisfaction of patients at Health Science Center, 

Burapha University

Researcher: Supaporn Lerdruampattana

Year : 2001



The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of pre-operative visit by perioperative nurse on the anxiety level and satisfaction of the patients. The sample consisted of  forty surgical, obstetrics and orthopedics patients waiting for surgical procedure at Health Science Center, Burapha University. The sample were divided into experimental and control groups. Subjects in both groups were matched according to the age, experience of operation and trait anxiety. Subjects in experimental group were visited at one hour prior to surgery by perioperative nurse. The control group was not visited. Questionnaires about anxiety and satisfaction were conducted to collect data in experimental group. Only questionnaire about anxiety was used incontrol group. The result of this study revealed that the anxiety of subjects in the experimental group was not significantly different from the control group. Subjects in the experimental group had high level of satisfaction about perioperative nurse and information.

This study suggested that perioperative nurse should visit the surgical patients before surgery in order to reduce patients anxiety and increase patients satisfaction. To improve quality of care and continuity of care, perioperative nurse should have enough time to conduct an effective assessment related to the patient’ s problems and needs, prior to surgery, therefore, the pre-operative patient may have to admit at least one day prior to surgery. 



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