Title: Health Status and Need of  Health Care of Elderly and Chronic patients in Chonburi Province

Researchers : Mrs.Wethaka Klinwichit : Health Science Center,Burapha University

Year : 2005

Proceeding : Wethaka Klinwichit.(2007).  Health  Status  and  Need  of  Health  Care  of   Elderly  and  Chronic  patients  in  Chonburi  Province. Conference on Elderly  toward Quality of Aging society  : From Basic Science to Practice . 9-12 April 2007. Faculty of Medicine,  Chulalongkorn University.


The purpose of this descriptive research were designed to describe the health status and needs of health care of elderly and chronic patients in Chonburi province.The 379 participants were the sample from stratified random sampling. Statistics employed were percentage average mean and t-test. It was found that the comparison of health care needs showed that the perception and health management was the most level. The second was the role and social relationship and the third was the nutrition and metabolism. On the other hand health care need in reproductive and sexual were the lowest. Health status in perception and health management were found that the most was healthy nevertheless in chronic patients the first illness was diagnosis from vascular system namely ; hypertention , dyslipidemia and heart disease. The second illness was diagnosis from endocrine gland such as diabetic mellitus and thyroid .The sample who had been admission in hospital were got sick by respiratory problems and range of admission were 2.18 time/year. They usually consulted health problems with doctors and had health insurance from government policy. The most decided going to hospital when had illness, in their opinion the best care giver were daughter and son. Health status in the role and social relationship revealed that they felt proud that be the leader of their family , decision making on their hands and felt safety when near closely friends or family.



Researcher: Mrs.Jindaporn Suranate

Year : 2005

Key words: patients’ rights , perception , actual admission



This research was aimed at studying the perception and the actual admission of patients’ rights in Burapa University Hospital. The sample data were collected from 368 in-patients of Burapa University hospital between May 1st and August 1st 2005, selected by systematic random sampling. The questionnaires contained 4 dimensions of patient

rights, which were the right to healthcare provision, the right to privacy, the right to participate in healthcare decisions, and the right to obtain information. The questionnaires were tested for reliability and yielded Cronbach alpha values of 0.95 and 0.91 respectively. Data were analyzed by using frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviations and for perception and actual admission of patients’ rights Paired Sample t-Test.

The results of study revealed that the subjects perceived overall patients rights to be at a high level and received overall patients rights at a moderate level. All dimensions of the perceptions were high. Two dimensions of the actual admission were at a high level: the right to participate in healthcare decisions and the right to healthcare provision, and the other two dimensions were at a low level: the right to privacy and the right to obtain information. Moreover, the mean scores of the perception of overall patients’ rights were significantly higher than the actual admission at the level of probability 0.05. Additionally, the mean score of both the perception and the actual admission of overall patients’ rights in the general ward were significantly higher than patients in the VIP ward.

This study indicated that the nurses in both general and VIP wards should have more awareness of the patients’ rights and provide better service. This could be done by providing more specific workshops to nurses, having a systematic procedure about patient rights and encourage nurses to follow it, and  periodically having a feedback evaluation of patients ‘rights actually received. Additionally, information about patients’ rights should be promoted continuously in order to maintain the high level of the perception.


Title Research : The effect of informational and emotional support on the anxiety level in patients before Cesarean Section

Researcher : Supaporn Lerdruampattana

Office : Operating room, Health Science Center, Burapha University

Year : 2005



The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of informational and emotional support on the anxiety level in patients before Cesarean Section. The sample consisted of forty obstetrics patients waiting for Cesarean Section procedure at Health Science Center, Burapha University. The samples were divided into experimental and control groups. Subjects in both groups were matched according to the age, experience of operation and attention of obstetricians. Subjects in experimental group were received informational and emotional support at one hour prior to surgery by peri-operative nurse. The control group received routine pre-operative care. Questionnaires about anxiety were conducted to collect data in both experimental group and control group. Mean, Standard deviation, and t-test were performed to analyze data. The result of this study revealed that the average anxiety score after experiment decreased but was not significantly different between the experimental group and the control group at .05 level. The average anxiety score in the control group increased significantly at .05 level after experiment.

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