1. Burapha University Hospital  

Hospital Accreditation 2015-2018 


2. Assist.Professor. Pisit Piriyapun, M.D.,Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Burapha University.THAILAND Gave ‘honor Thai citizen’ award 2015 for Organization Management and improvement to His Excellency Mr. Amphol Senanarong (Privy Councilor), By Thammalaksila Volunteer Foundation on 26th February 2015 at Thai Army Club, Vibhavadi Rangsit, Bangkok.


3.Dr.Prakarn Tattiyakul,M.D. Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.  

     The Medical Council of Thailand gave the Honor Awards 2015 for faculty physicians who conduct outstanding moral and ethical to Dr.Prakarn Tattiyakul,M.D.,The lecturer in Pediatric Division.

4.Wethaka Klinwichit,Ph.D.

     Council of government officials and employed staffs of University of Thailand gave the Honor award for distinct management 2015 to Wethaka Klinwichit PhD. By Teerakiat Jareonsettasin MD.,Deputy Minister of Education Ministry of Education, on 21st May 2015 .

5. Bangorn Sattayavanij, Nurse

      Burapha University Hospital. Archived an ‘RattanaBurapha award’ 2015 in Service and associated educational Stuffs 8th July 2015 

6. Worawitz Sukpakkit, 6th year medical student Archived an ‘Royal Award’ 2015 chosen by Office of the Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education


7. Kanokwan Sinthuwong, 6th year medical student Archived an ‘distinct moral and ethic award’ by the medical council of Thailand 2015.

8.Wachirawit Uangchokchai,3rd year medical student Archived an ‘distinct medical student award’ 2015 in 60th yearBurapha University foundation day on 8th July 2015

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